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Any name can be your organization's name, but as we all know there is a lot of power in repetition. Each time a Local Party makes it into the news some of that attention will rub off to your Local Party. So if you are in Santa Rosa, you may want to change your organization's name into Santa Rosa Local Party or Local Party Santa Rosa.

You may choose to go by Local Party only, and have only your official name be something like The Local Party of Chico or the Santa Clara Local Party. Because Local Parties function on two levels — the city and the county level — it may be wise to keep the distinction clear which party is which. Kern County Party or Kern Local Party may help voters get the distinction immediately from Ridgecrest Local Party or Local Party Tehachapi. Local Party — and nothing else — may be confusing.

Especially when your organization has been in place for a long time you may not want to change your name to reflect your You do not have to change your name. However, if you choose to keep your name you will have to use as the second part of your name. If you are the Political Watchdogs, and you want to keep this name, you will have to use Political Watchdogs - several times in your public announcements. Each paper or leaflet from your organization has to use '' three times: once at the same size lettering as the largest size used for your name on the paper or leaflet, once when you use your name for the first next time, and once at the bottom of the paper or leaflet where your organization's name is used again. Using more often would be fine too.

There are only two words you can never use in your name: Democratic and Republican. If you are the Organization for Republican Liberty, you cannot become the Local Organization for Republican Liberty. The closest match would be the Local Organization for Liberty. Though your organization's statute may be as pure Republican as possible, as soon as you have a the Republican party is competition; and there is no need to make waves for someone else. Naturally there are other words you should try to avoid; like words that describe race or gender, or other words that create a diminishment of the local voting block since the appeal should go out to all voters. Green and Reform are also not the best choices, unless the local Green or Reform party has made a clear dent in the local monopoly power structure over the last few years.

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