Difference between LocalParty.Org and a Local Party

LocalParty.Org is the IQ (internet quarters) of the political movement to establish a viable second party next to the local domination by either the Republican or the Democatic party. The first goal is to remain focused on the local level, and help local organizations become that viable second party. LocalParty.Org can help Local Parties to remain focused and to compete with the establishment.

The Local Parties are the actual parties doing the actual political work. Local Parties are in direct competition with the single bulwark of power (be it Republican or Democratic). Local Parties are not affiliated amongst themselves, and only one Local Party per city or county will exist; only under very strict conditions will it be possible to have individuals run in different districts under different political banners in the same city or county. All candidates of Local Parties do adhere to the idea that as soon as the option arises (when the Local Party has won the majority of seats ) all members will work to change the ancient system into the modern voter-empowering system.

Local Parties have gone through a screening by LocalParty.Org in order to be able to claim support from LocalParty.Org. Though some people who may like the ideology, but do not want to fit under the umbrella, can claim that they support the ideology of LocalParty.Org without having received approval by LocalParty.Org.

Local Parties are independent entities. LocalParty.Org is here to help set up Local Parties and to help maintain healthy viable Local Parties.

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