There is no need to tell you that you are sitting behind your computer, reading this message. Yet it is through this medium that we are indeed trying to reach you. This is our attempt to wake you up, and show you that you are living in a matrix. Just like Neo you will be able to look beyond the pod of your current awareness, and — while looking around — see all the other pods in a state of dormancy and productiveness, all lined up according to a master plan. Once you have seen this reality, there is no way back into the previous state of unawareness, and the machines may come and try to abort you. Or, possibly, you are able to stay quiet, as if dormant, but more aware.

Rest assured, once the machines abort you, we will be here to help you. We think you are the one!

Before that moment of awareness can be delivered to you, we have to find out who you are, what you are thinking, if you are up to the challenge ahead of you. So we have this political question for you: with the choice of a blue pill and a red pill in front of you, can you make up your mind which pill you are going to swallow in the next election? You can naturally scroll down further, beyond the choice — that's up to you — but your awareness will then not grow, only remain the same as it has been for the last years. Which pill is your pill of preference? Think about it carefully, but make up your mind.




If you don't want to make a choice click Back and as with so many other political issues, you will automatically forget that you should have had a real choice from the start, a choice you never got and never demanded.




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