You have made your choice, now you will have to swallow it, as you have for the past several elections. It was not difficult to choose, was it? Can we ask? You chose, because you knew with all your heart that the other color was not what you wanted. Is that true? But that is not really a choice, now is it, kid? You did not like the bad cop, so now you're stuck with the good cop. You did not have to choose, kid, but you did. And we both know the answer now, don't we? You are not the One.

Or maybe you got here later — after you had looked around a bit more, knowing already what it is that you really want, but unsure how to get it? But then the answer does not lay here either, you know. You have to make up your own mind next time you are confronted with political frustration and feel that you need to do something. Maybe you should even vote for the clear loser of the district race. Not to make him stronger, but to make the winner weaker, so your next representative feels inclined to stay in touch with the voters better — instead of playing to the guys in green. You are aware that politicians on the brink of losing their seats pay far more attention to you than those who sit comfortably in their seats, don't you? Your vote against the clear winner is an important difference, because some people end up losing all in this system, while all they long for is full and fair representation.

Are you the One? Then how come you are not protesting the straigth-jacket you're in?


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